Our Glulam Products

Glued laminated timber (glulam) beams have been re-engineered to work better than ever in a host of residential and commercial construction applications. Increased design values and improved product performance make this cost competitive material the natural choice for every project from garage door headers to floor beams. We offer the highest quality glulam products in a full selection of stock beams, headers, custom beams, and columns.


ASL's Advanced Engineered Headers

Our Headers are far superior to standard conventional headers available in the market. By taking advantage of lower cost species in the interior of the layup and by using stronger stiffer wood on the bottom and top we maximize the performance and lower your cost.

ASL's Advanced Engineered Wall Log

Our Engineered Wall Log is unsurpassed in the industry. By taking advantage of kiln dried wood, our logs have less maintenance and longer life than any other log in the marketplace. Ponderosa Pine is our wood species of choice for this product. We can however use a variety of different species.

Glulambeam Wall
Glulam Truss

Heavy Glulam & Timber Trusses

Arizona Structural Laminators has been involved with hundreds of different Glulam and Timber Truss jobs over several decades. Recently we have enlarged and updated our fabricating facility to assure that we can produce the design that you have envisioned. ASL has the capability to design, manufacture and assemble a wide variety of truss shapes. We can assemble these in our plant in our controlled environment and have them shipped to the job site ready to erect.

ASL's Engineered Prefabricated Bridges

Our team of experienced professionals stands ready to assist you in design and fabrication of your bridge project. From pedestrian to light vehicular bridges we have a long history of supplying bridges to meet government as well as private party specifications.

Glulam Bridge

Getting a Quote

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